BRANDING – Winning Brand Fans – From The Inside Out

The greatest brand marketing is instinctive and inspired. We believe the most sincere type of branding in born from within. When those traits and characteristics that make an organization great become embedded in its culture, the brand begins to take on a persona of its own. From start-up to multi-national, 3media has the experience, talent and resources to revitalize your brand to become more relevant and valuable in an ever changing world.


Brand Consulting
Competitive Analysis and Positioning
Internal and External Brand Research
Sweet Spot Brand Positioning
Brand Name Generation
Creative Themes and Taglines
Visual Identity and Logo Design
Brand Naming and Taglines
Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Logo Design
Brand communications
Digital Media Planning
Mobile Marketing
Affinity & Affiliate Marketing
Banner Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Rich Media
Display Ad Creative
Print Ad Creative
Brochure, Catalog & Collateral Development