Dream Big

Dream Big

You’ve dreamed of taking your organization to the next level and soaring to new heights. Now it’s time to spread your wings and go for it, but you’re not quite sure how to get this baby off the ground. Face it…in today’s competitive marketplace, even if you get some air, you’re going to hit the wall.

Lighten up! 3media can help make your dream a reality…

We have the experience, creativity and adventurous spirit that it takes to put together a marketing flight plan that will yield first class results at economy class rates.

That includes brand identity, brand strategies, advertising strategies, copywriting, video production, music composition/production, visual design, sales collateral and other such marketing goodies. Couple those giftings with hosting, programming, hardware and product development capabilities to aid in bringing those deliverables to the world.

Some people think we’re socially challenged, ate paint chips, or that the 90’s were really hard on us. Maybe – but they left some creative residue that works to your advantage when you need to meld traditional media with new technologies for your next campaign. In fact, we’re amazingly high-functioning. So much so, that we understand business and the importance of a results-oriented effort. We’ll actually warn you when you are about to do something lame.

At 3media our philosophy is “If you can think it, you can do it”.

We must warn you we’re a bit unconventional, in that we do top shelf work at non-agency rates. Sure, it sounds like a marketing smoke and mirrors game, but it’s true. If you like what you’ve seen so far, give us a call to talk about your project at 800-829-4170 after 9:00am Pacific.
We’re usually available to chat for a moment or two.

All the best,