Some Of Our Story


For over 20 years, 3media has been an innovative digital media company helping clients develop and market their various products and services. We do this through the collaborative work effort of artists, filmmakers, technologists and other visionaries working together in our facilities in Southern California. Our role is to create engaging and compelling experiences that make products more valuable and campaigns more successful. This is only some of our story.


3media helps clients build customer relationships by effectively communicating their products and brands to their target markets. Our distinctive and innovative range of services includes marketing through digital creative execution, media planning, content creation, competitve analysis, product development and brand development.

We are innovating the way brands are built for its clients through our expertise and capabilities in media, digital and creative communications services.


We began in the 90’s with a focus on the burgeoning new media industry which continues today. This has provided 3media the opportunity to be a first mover in all new digital mediums. Our history is one of innovation and long term relationships with our clients & business partners.


Our company is built around five ‘fundamental arts’ that give our team of people and the work they do its unique character: design, storytelling, usability, communication and innovation. We embrace each project as an opportunity to create compelling and meaningful experiences for the users, audiences and customers who interact with our work.