More Of Our Story


It’s all about story telling when it comes to brand positioning & creative content development for the companies we work with.

3media has assembled a team to bring more than just compelling marketing content but to create deliverables in a multiplicity of forms. That includes brand identity, brand strategies, advertising strategies, copywriting, video production, music composition/production, visual design, sales collateral and other such marketing goodies. Couple those giftings with hosting, programming, hardware and product development capabilities to aid in bringing those deliverables to the world.


We thrive on inter-hemispheric communication to solve complex problems with respect to Business, Technology and Creative. This is all done with a desire to provide value-driven outcomes for our clients.

The 3media motto is: “If you can think it, you can do it”


Our creative experience is melded with solid business acumen having done 7 start ups, 2 acquisitions, 2 turn arounds and a merger in the Advertising, Technology, Building Materials, Distribution & Real Estate sectors.

We bring that expertise to each project and every client we engage.


Some people think we’re socially challenged, ate paint chips, or that the 90’s were really hard on us. Maybe – but they left some creative residue that works to your advantage when you need to meld traditional media with new technologies for your next marketing endeavor, campaign or trade show.

To others we might come off like we rolled up in a clown car – We’d prefer you think of us as the leather jacketed loner with a heart of gold. Reference:


… is to cultivate strategic and long term client relationships so as to increase our clients’ brand perception & awareness, refine business processes and help our clients increase revenue profitably; we are dedicated to offering our clients the highest level of quality, service, creativity, and technology in the industry.